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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

birthday treasure hunt

Miss A made Master S a treasure hunt to find his birthday present when he was 5.  Miss A asked Kym for a sketch floor plan of our home and she wrote the clues and placed them in position around our home.  The Ozscapes card is where Miss A wrote her idea and first clue.

Of course I kept all the bits and pieces to pull it into a layout at some point.

Monday, November 20, 2017

australia day 2012

Back in 2012 I was going to be away in Los Angles in late January and I wanted to take a couple of recent photos of my kids with me. So with the Australia flags as props I took a few of the kids on the beach.

Fast forward to the present, November 2017.  I've found a photoshop action to create a magazine type effect.  I think it worked quite well.  

I've trimmed the photo and backed it with corrugated cardboard to lift the photo off the white background cardstock. 

I'm really happy with the wood veneer camera and candy dot embellies and that's it, layout done.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

add a little sparkle to the party

I was looking through the Christmas decorations at Kmart the other day and spotted the tinsel wire, the white serviettes with the silver words 'add a little sparkle to the party' and the tinsel star, amongst other things. I had an instant idea with the serviettes.

Some time ago I watched Kate Mason do a serviette scrapbooking class and that had always impressed me.   

Alas, my modge podge was dry and beyond salvation and I wondered about using watered down craft glue. I messaged Kate to find out if this would be ok. And Im so glad I asked. A prompt reply told me 'No, don't use craft glue. It goes yellow over time. Use impasto if you have it.'

The impasto worked an absolute treat. While I had the impasto out I sprinkled any loose pieces of the silver flake that was coming away from the silver wire. And a little sprinkle of silver glitter.  The impasto held it all in place nicely.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

colour & light

This one has many layers even though it may not look like it.   :)

Layer 1 = lots of splats of masking fluid which were left to dry overnight.
Layer 2 = blackboard paint. applied with a credit card. Let dry.
Layer 3 = loading up posca paint pens and banging them against another pen to create the colour splats. Let dry
Layer 4 = rubbing off the masking fluid to reveal the original clean white cardstock
Layer 5 = lots of little glitter stickers to further enhance the posca splats
Layer 6 = scattered colour coordinated sequins randomly adhered to the LO.

I also typed directly onto the photo and let dry overnight.  

So much fun but took a little while. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

college ready

The last couple of days has been sewing labels, twice washing and packing into tubs Miss A's school clothing ready for college in 2018. 
The last thing I want to be doing while on our summer beach holiday in January is to be sewing labels and stressing about the last minute details. 
Miss A went through her entire wardrobe today and labelled everything else. I'm loving the team effort.

capt blood

I cut down the patterned 12x12 paper to make my usual a4 size LO. I covered the cut mark with the washi tape. I found the metal pirate embellishments some time ago and have been hoarding them especially for this LO. That drop of red Color Shine was just the perfect finishing touch.

Friday, November 10, 2017

blackpoint christmas - his and hers

I wanted to capture snapshots to trigger the memories of our Black Point Christmas back in 2011. So in order to fit in all the highlights I decided to do a predominately digi LO with a tiny touch of hybrid.  And *gasp* its a 12x12 LO. The first one I've done in years.

The silver Joy and Christmas Tree embellies I found in Kmart a week ago. I just love to scrap a LO in season with what's in the shops. I don't manage it very often but it sure does make finding that perfect embelly much easier.  


Monday, November 6, 2017

The Right to Wind in Your Hair - fund my neighbourhood project

This is the Trishaw Tania Hammond and I are hoping to raise grant funds for from the Fund My Neighbourhood grant.

Imagine Great Grandparent as a passenger on the Trishaw, with their son or daughter as well. And riding alongside on their own bicycle is a Great Grandchild. How amazing would that be to create family memories and connections for those elderly and their families who find it difficult to get outside and into the community.
Imagine the feeling of freedom for a person who has MS, Parkinsons, or any other debilitating condition, to be able to be outside and enjoy the wind in their hair and the breeze on their face.
Imagine taking a passenger back past the home where they lived to stop and smell the roses they planted years ago in what was once their garden.
Imagine an ex-farmer being taken along East Terrace or the southern/western side of the show grounds for a crop inspection.
Imagine someone who has dementia having moments of clarity by singing songs and taking them outside for stimulation while riding the Trishaw with their carer, while safely being piloted around town.
All this is possible if you vote for The Right to the Wind in Your Hair project in the current Fund My Neighbourhood round.
This is the direct link to click on for 'The Right to Wind in Your Hair' project.
Please also support the Karkoo Klubhouse and Colour Tumby Silo Mural projects.
Thank you for voting as every vote counts in this "popular voting system" to win the grant for our dream to go ahead.
Please have your partners vote. Please have your adult children vote. Please have your grandparents and family relations vote. Please ask your friends to vote. Every vote will count in this popular voting system. If you don't vote for The Right to Wind in Your Hair then it won't happen. Please vote for this very worthy project.
#TheRightToWindInYourHair #Cummins #HealthWellbeingAndInclusion #ExhilaratingRidesForElders